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Our Story


What I stand on is what I stand for

-Wendell Berry
The Plastic Free Collective was created in 2016 by founder Coco Kay. 
Like all great ideas they all have stories behind them.
After watching a video by Lauren Singer and her zero waste lifestyle, Coco was intrigued and looked more into the impact of our waste and where it goes. 
Being shocked at her daily choices and how they affect our planet, it was time to make changes and quit plastic.
Coco made her own products, produce bags and a utensil kit to refuse plastic. A light bulb moment happened while having coffee with a friend who suggested that she should make more kits for others that live more consciously. What a brilliant idea and The Plastic Free Collective was created.
All products are handmade with 100% cotton and made ethically in Australia 
Choosing to live more consciously isn't a race, you just need to start.